With various types and sizes for choice, Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD offers you best solutions for metal wire ties and mesh fencing systems.

Our factory mainly manufactures and exports hot dipped galvanized wire, electro galvanized iron wire, annealed wire, black iron wire, PVC wire and other different material wires. There also are different formed wires, such as: bailing wire, big coil wire, small coil wire, spool wire and so on. We check both the physical and chemical properties of our products like the chemical composition, wire diameter tolerance, tensile strength, etc, which guarantees the quality of our wires. The most advanced production equipment, skilled workers, professional sale representatives and considerate after sale service contribute our high quality products and long term cooperation with our customers.

There are several coils of metal wires with high strength and various colors.

Our solutions

Our metal wire products including annealed wire, galvanized zinc wire, quick link bale tie are designed for supplying perfect solutions to solve customers' problems.

Building construction

Annealed wire and high steel wire with high strength and rust resistance are widely used for steel bars binding in building construction.

Wire mesh weaving

Galvanized zinc wire with the features of smooth surface and long service life is mostly used for wire mesh weaving or fence mesh weaving.

Cotton binding

Quick link bale tie with the features of convenience and flexibility is widely used for bailing cotton in our everyday life.

Hot Products

In the following, we list some popular products that our customers left nearly all favourable comments.

Black Annealed Wire

Black annealed wire made of carbon steel or iron is often processed into coil wire, spool wire or big package wire applied for home use and construction.

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Annealed Wire

Annealed wire with various weights and dimensions is used as tying wire in building, parks and daily binding and as baling hay wire in agriculture area.

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PVC Coated Wire

PVC coated wire with features of anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and long life is widely applied in hangers, handles, fences and many industrial sites.

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Examples when you order our metal wires

If you want to learn technology about our metal wire, please note the news of our website, where has the latest products and technical information, you also can email us sales@goldoxwiremesh.com. When you quote or order metal wire, please specify its materials and wire diameter as below two examples:

  • Galvanized iron wire
    • Standard – JIS 3502 class one or equivalent.
    • Diameter: 2.2 ± 0.05 mm.
    • Draw ability up to 0.75 mm.
    • Zinc coating: 25 g/m2(min).
    • Tensile strength: 35–70 kg/mm2.
    • Weight of a single coils: 100 Kg.
    • Material should be soft annealed and the surface shell finished by uniform and bright galvanizing.
    • The coating shall not be removed during production.
    • Overlap welding is not accepted.
  • Wire binding, 0.914 mm, 20 SWG dia,
    • Galvanized mild steel solid.
    • Diameter: 0.914 mm × 20 SWG.
    • Mass: approx 25 or 50 kg rolls.
    • Material: galvanized annealed mild steel.
    • Structure: solid.
    • Wire: galvanized , annealed mild steel.
This picture is to show the detail of electro galvanized steel wire with high strength and smooth surface.

Here are several applications of our metal wire products in the industrial field, construction area and our everyday life.