Rebar Tie Wire – High Tensile Strength and Flexibility Binding Wire

Rebar tie wire, also called rebar tying wire, it has many advantages, such as high tensile strength, weather-resistance, corrosion-resistance, anti-rust and long service life. According to different surface treatments, it can be divided into galvanized rebar tie wire (electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized), PVC coated rebar tie wire and stainless rebar tie wire, etc. According to wire shapes, it can be divided into straight binding wire, loop tie wire, U type wire and coil rebar tie wire, etc. In addition, any PVC coated color wire can be accepted by our company.

A coil of galvanized rebar tie is tied by belts.
RTW-01: Galvanized rebar tie wire.
Four bundles of green PVC coated rebar tie wire.
RTW-02: PVC coated rebar tie wire.


  • Material: low carbon steel Q195.
  • Wire gauge: 0.7 mm – 4.0 mm.
  • Type: galvanized, iron, loop tie wire, binding wire, electro galvanized rebar tie wire, etc.
  • Tensile strength: 350–450 N/mm2.
  • Elongating: ≥15% for galvanized iron wire.
  • Color: all colors for PVC coated wire.


  • Good tensile strength.
  • Good flexibility and stability.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Anti-rust.
  • Long service life.
Bundles of straight shape rebar tie wire.
RTW-03: Straight rebar tie wire.
Bundle s of loop rebar tie wire to be shown.
RTW-04: Loop rebar tie wire.
Rebar tie wire tying steel bars in a workshop.
RTW-05: Rebar tie wire baling steel bars.


  • Tying and support of plants in gardens or other binding uses.
  • Fixing steel tubes or other structure in architecture.
  • As binding wire to bale subjects in daily life.
  • Making some handicrafts.


  • Plastic film inside, hessian cloth outside.
  • Plastic film inside, weaving bag outside.
  • In coils or spool, 50 kg, 25 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg, 500 g, 300 g, 200 g per coil.
  • 20 coils/box, 24 boxes/pallet.
  • Or according to customer's requirements.

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